Who Will Cry When You Die summary

This book is written by Robin Sharma. One day, Robin's Father asks them WHO WILL CRY WHEN YOU DIE?
When you are born in this world you are crying, but do something that make peoples to cry when you will die.


Robin gives 101 lessons to living a good life. Today I will give you 5 important lessons that will change your life.
  • Find Your Calling 
  • Get Up Early 
  • Keep a Journal
  • Take Bigger Risks
  • Focus On Your Main Work

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Find Your Calling:

Find your calling means find your passion. Robin Sharma is a Motivation Speaker. Every time they are getting a common question and that is how to become successful? Every time Robin gives the same answer. "Find Your Calling."

Find the purpose of your life. It means not that leave your job. It means giving the best of you in your work.

Get Up Early:

Getting at Early Morning is very important. It is a principle that will change your life. This a gift from a GOD. 

At early morning: 
  • Time is very slow
  • No noise
  • Fresh air
These are some good things that you get in the morning free of cost. You can also read a 5 AM CLUB BOOK which is also written by Robin Sharma. This will give you the best reason for getting in the early morning

Make your own routine for Morning and get good habits with this habit.

Keep a Journal:

Every time Keep a journal with you to write goals and lessons

Journal is not a diary. In a Diary we write life events. But in a Journal we write the analysis of Life Events.

Journal Maintaining is the best habit for you. With this, your awareness will increase and you will make fewer mistakes because of this. This habit will clear your goals and you will be more focused.

Take Bigger Risks:

I make you sure that you will not regrate your risks. But you definitely regrate that why I am not grabbing that opportunity at that time? , Why I had not taken risks at that time?

The winners always taking risks, Loosers not taking risks.

Get out of the Comfort Zone. Don't find the securities, find the opportunities. You will not fail if you take the risk because the risk is not taking the risk in life.

Focus On Your Main Work:

To focus on our work we have to clear our life objectives. To become successful you have to only focus on your work.

Before doing any work ask a question to yourself.

This will help me to get my Goal?

If yes then start it at that time. Don't think more and more.


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So these are some lessons from the book Who Will Cry When You Die. There are 101 lessons in the book. To know that you must read this book.

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