Hey guys, The Alchemist book is very very helpful for us. Let's read how? It is written by Paulo Coelho.

The Alchemist recounts the narrative of a youthful shepherd named Santiago who can discover a fortune beyond anything he could ever imagine.

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En route, he figures out how to tune in to his heart and, all the more significantly, understands that his fantasies, or his Personal Legend, are his as well as a feature of the Soul of the Universe. 

Santiago is an unassuming shepherd whose wants are not many he needs to be allowed to wander with his sheep, to have some wine in his wineskin and a book in his sack. 

Destiny intercedes, in any case, as the common length for an extraordinary fortune concealed a large number of miles away at the base of the Egyptian Pyramids

At the point when Santiago meets Melchizedek, an abnormal insightful man who claims he is a ruler from a distant land, he chooses to look for his fortune. The following day, Santiago sells his sheep and leaves to Africa to seek after his fantasy. 

After showing up in Africa, however, it becomes evident that things won't be as simple as he suspected. The first day Santiago is in Quite a while, he is looted and disregarded totally, unfit to talk a solitary expression of Arabic. 

From the start, Santiago ponders surrendering and pivoting. He recalls the expressions of the savvy man, however, and chooses to continue finding a new line of work at a neighborhood gem shop. 

In the wake of working at the gem search for a year, finding out much about existence and about his Personal Legend, Santiago gains enough cash to purchase another herd of sheep and get back. At last, however, Santiago chooses to hazard everything and join a band to Egypt

Once in the troop, Santiago meets an Englishman who has come right to Africa to look for a famous chemist. As they travel through the desert, the Englishman informs Santiago concerning the privileged insights of speculative chemistry.

Santiago sees the Englishman's thoughts as fundamentally the same as Melchizedek's. The two of them talk about a Soul of the World to which we are totally associated and of the need of following our heart's actual wants or our Personal Legend. 

Santiago, be that as it may, wants to gain proficiency with these privileged insights by watching the world, while the Englishman likes to gain from complex books. While they travel, they start to hear bits of gossip about a coming innate war. 

At the point when they at long last show up at the Al-Fayoum desert spring the home of the main Alchemist–Santiago meets an excellent young lady named Fatima with whom he quickly becomes hopelessly enamored. 

He finds that adoration, similar to the Personal Legend, comes legitimately from the Soul of the World. While strolling in the desert, Santiago has a dream of a forthcoming fight. 

He surges back to caution the older folks at the desert garden and, when his vision is affirmed, they offer him a situation as an instructor. 

Santiago considers remaining at the desert garden with Fatima. However, the Alchemist discovers Santiago and discloses to him that he will lead Santiago to his fortune. 

Indeed moving, the Alchemist instructs Santiago to tune in to his heart. Hearts can be misleading, yet the most ideal approach to shield them from tricking you is to hear them out eagerly. Nearly to the pyramids, Santiago and the Alchemist are taken prisoner by a warring clan. 

The Alchemist tells the tribesmen that Santiago is an amazing performer who can transform himself into the breeze. The tribesmen are intrigued and will save the lives of the men if Santiago can do it. 

The main issue is that Santiago has no clue what he is doing. Following three days of ruminating, Santiago utilizes his insight into the Soul of the World to request that the components help him. 

First, he asks the desert, at that point he asks the breeze, at that point he asks the sun and, at last, he solicits the Soul from the World. Quickly, the breeze prepares, and Santiago vanishes and returns on the opposite side of the camp. 

One of the burglars snickers at him, and says that he has had precisely the same dream, then again, actually in his, the fortune was covered in Spain. Santiago understands that the fortune was back in Spain the whole time. 

The story at that point bounces forward in time and discovers Santiago burrowing a gap at the base of the tree where he had his first dream. 

Sufficiently sure, he finds a trunk brimming with gold–enough for him and Fatima to live cheerfully for quite a while.

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