The Outliers Book Summary

  • What is THE OUTLIER?
  • How your month of birth matters to become an outlier.
  • 10000 rule to become master 
  • Why Asians are good in math
  • How you become OUTLIER?
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What is an OUTLIER? An outlier is a person who has done more than the ordinary, they stand out from the crowd. They have reached the peak of success.

The outliers are the genius, rock stars, athletes, business tycoons and billionaires of the world. What is there Secret?

We always admire people who are successful. We are successful. We are inspired by stories of rags to the rich. We are interested to know them. What is their lifestyle? What is there personality? Do they have special talents? We think that these qualities explain their success. But there is a bigger picture that we are missing.

In this book, we find that there is something wrong with how he defines success. We only see it as personal. We think that individuals who succeed did everything on their own. It is their own abilities which led them to where they are.

Favorite Quote from Author:

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Hockey is a very popular sport in Canada. Boys learn to play starting from kindergarten. There is a hockey league every year at school. But how are the best players chosen for the national team? It is noticeable that the best hockey players were born in the months of January to March. How did this happen?

Here's the secret. The coaches actually choose the boys who are older in their class. That is to say that if born in December, he would not be chosen to play for the team. This is because the older boy is more mature physically. The gap in months presents a huge difference in their body built.

The boy's born earlier will be trained by the coach. They will practice three times more than the average. By the time they reach their teens, the boys are already experts at playing Hockey.
And they will move on the big leagues.

It means, the wrong month for birth can affect success.


Practise isn't the thing you do once you're good. It's the thing you do that makes you good.
In the 1990s'. a group of psychologists conducted a study in the Academy of Music at Berline. They want to know how much do talent and practice determine success. Do the violinists because of innate talent? Or is it because of practice? What are the 10,000 hours rule?

The psychologists observed that the more hour the students spend in practice, the more they become better at playing the violin. As the children grow older, they become better at playing the violin. The best violinists have already spent 10000 hours.

To be world-class in anything you have to spend 10000 hours. Other studies have proven this magic number. From musicians, athletics, writers, criminals. It takes 10000 hours to be on top.

It appears that our brain needs 10000 hours to achieve expertise and mastery. 

To become outlier you need the help of your parents. Your parents should be supportive.

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Why Asians excel in math?

You can think of a lot of answers to this. But the Asians are outliers in Math Because of cultural legacy.

The Asian Number System is very simple to learn and memorize compared to another number of systems.

The number of names in English is irregular. But for the Asians, the numbers are simple and easier to add. To solve 37+22, an English first grader must first convert thirty-seven and twenty-two to numbers. But for Asians, it is quicker to add three-tens-seven and two-tens-two.

It means in every other place you become different, So where you born matters.

HOW to become outlier?:

  1. Chose your skill
  2. Start practice it
  3. Practice at least 10000 hours
  4. Every day 4-5 hours
  5. In 7-8 years you will become OUTLIER


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