Hey, guys in this article I will say you 8 things from Pushkar Raj Thakur's book of Last Book For Your Best Life.

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Last book For Your Best Life 

With these 8 things, you can change your life in every aspect like a Relationship, Health, Wealth or carrier. The author calls these 8 things as an 8-X FACTOR.

That 8-X factors are

  1. Continuous Uplifting Thoughts 
  2. 5 Morning Rituals
  3. Get Your Routine Right
  4. Insane Productivity
  5. Leadership Skills
  6. Personality Upgradation
  7. Wealth Creation
  8. Relationship Mastery

Continuous Uplifting Thoughts 

All we have a one belief system which is a program by our society. That is not from our birth. So the question is
"Which type of Belief System do you need?"
And the answer is ' You are Creator of Your Life.' Everything is your actions.
To make your belief system strong you have to put these things in your mind.
  1. You are a product of your thoughts.
  2. You can do that thing, which you think.
  3. Your mind can get everything that you want.
  4. You are an average of 5 peoples in which you spend your maximum time.
  5. That thing will grow, on which you focus most.

5 Morning Rituals

From 5:00 to 8:00 am your focus is at the top level. But 90% of peoples are get up after 8:00 am. You can beat 90% of peoples by get up at 5:00 am by 3 hours.
For that, you have to follow the following 5 Morning Rituals.

  •    prepare for sleep
To get up early morning the routine starts from the night. You have to prepare for sleep. With this, you can easily get up early morning.

  •     Meditation
You already know the benefits of Meditation. With it, you can feel energize and fulfill you with positivity.

  •     Goal Setting
 Every time you go to a Mastery Goal, not a physical goal. Become perfect in your work. All things will definitely come to you.

  •     The habit of daily learning
Try to make a habit of daily learning. Read a book or watch a video on youtube to increase your knowledge. Daily learning will help you to become a master in your profession.

  •     Exercise
This is a very very important thing. Because great health can give you a better mindset. Without good health, you can not do anything. So focus on your health and make good physic.

Get Your Routine Right

Adopt an investor mindset. when an investor invests. He does not think about the short term, he thing the long term. Like this make good choices. These good choices will give you returns in the long term.

Focus on your plan. you did know what to do every day. You can plan your whole month, week or day. But planning is most important.

Focus on your plan. In advance, you know what to do? Cultivate good habits.

Insane Productivity

To increase productivity first, say no to social media, stop playing games, live long from the small mindset peoples, and stop doing unimportant meetings. With this, you can not change your life.

After this, make a plan and work on it properly. Try to delegate your works and focus on the thing that will grow you fast. You can do jam sessions of 30 munites.

Leadership Skills

This skill is most important in our life. In every place this skill requires. This skill makes you a next-level person.

In every project take responsibility and do that what you talked about. Leader talk like a winner. Don't forget your action will make your future.

Some of leaders sentences-
I am Amazing.
I am Outstanding.
I am the top of the world!

Personality Upgradation

To increase personality first improve your communication skills. For this, you can be asking open-ended questions to the people. The questions that have the answer in 2-3 lines. Don't ask short ended questions.

Tips to improve personality
  • Praise Behind Their Back
  • Small Acts of Kindness
  • Treat Pole Well
  • Don't share Family Problems
  • Don't show off
  • Don't be Jealous
  • Learn From Others
  • Better Dressing Style 
  • Improve Body Language
  • Don't Be Shy
  • Be Confident
  • Be an Alpha Man

Wealth Creation

When your money will work. It will give you more money. With this, your Net Worth will increase.
  • Save money to Invest
  • invest in Yourself
  • Make a team
  • Try to Earn Maximum
  • Buy and Sell
  • Don't Make Limits for You
Money is not Evil of all things. It will help you to live better. Make more connections with peoples for your business.

If money is not important for you then money never to come for you
 So give respect to the money.

Relationship Mastery

The peoples are very important in our life.

Peoples will Make you as well as Destroy you
Steps to impress peoples
  • Generously Praise Others
  • Take Their Name
  • Encouraging Others to Talk about Themselves
  • Make Them Feel Important
  • Never Argue
  • Talk about Their Interest
  • Don't Tell Them Mistakes Directly
  • Plan Next Meeting
  • Talk Less Liston More
  • Never Backbite

These are the 8-X factors that will change your whole life. You can purchase it by clicking on the image of the book. The book is available in both Hindi and the English language.


Thanks for reading. Comment, which Factor you most like?

Download pdf of the last book for best life summary:

PDF of the last book for best life summary:

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