To get up early at 5 am it is very difficult for all of us. With the help of THE 5 AM CLUB BOOK SUMMARY BY ROBIN SHARMA, I will give you some reasons to join the 5 am club.

In this summary, you will get -

Why should you get at 5 am?
What to do at 5 am? 
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The main question is how many peoples get up early at 5 am? The answer is only 10% of peoples and they are successful.

The prefrontal cortex does not work in the morning. It is our front part of the brain which helps us to think. It is not working means our focus is at the top level.

Author Robin Sharma says from 5:00-6:00 am is our victory hour but if we start our day with social media then it will become defeat hours.

Unfortunately, the maximum people do this and after failure, they regrate to their luck.

Which successful people will say you?

I used to watch 2 movies in a week, hours of social media platforms and games.

What to do at 5-6 am?

Follow the 20-20 20 rule. While following this rule you can't disturb by phone. so switch of it.

Divide your 1 hour in 20-20-20 minutes.

first 20 minutes for MOVE
Second  20 minutes for REFLECT
Third 20 minutes for GROW

In the first 20 minutes,

you will do Intense Workout means sweat. When sweat comes out our body release Cortisol Hormone. It helps up to live long from stress.

After releasing a sweat Our body makes a BDNF PROTEIN which makes brain cells.

Exercise makes us Happy and our mind becomes fresh.

In the second  20 minutes,

You will give thanks to god, write your goals, make a plan for the day.

By writing this the possibility of complete it increases.

In the world, very few peoples are writing their goals and they are known as successful
 So write your goals and make a plan for that.

In the last 20 minutes,

Increase your Knowledge.

You can read a Books of Busines, Self-Help, Biographies, inspirational. Read a book that that will help to grow. You can also listen to the book summaries.

With this, you can release negative emotions from the brain and negative chemicals from the body.

Why should you get at 5 am?

Now think, If you do this regularly. How will you become in the next 5 years? That should be the best version of yourself. This reason is enough to get up early.

How to stick to the routine? 

 To stick with the routine you can find a partner to do these things at least for one month. In one month it becomes your habit and you will join the 5 am club.

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So I hope you get all the things.

Keep Learning By Reading.

Comment which 20 minutes you like most?

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